Stomach virus treatment
Stomach virus treatment, as you probably already know, is impossible with medicine. Also there is no vaccine to prevent it! Then what would be stomach virus treatment!? If there is no medication for it, if there is no medical prevention of it, the question is how to treat it!?

Stomach virus treatment is on the first place based on your doctors advice! You should not do anything on your own hand, because wrong decisions and wrong moves, can worsen your symptoms and by that worsen your illness and furthermore endanger your health condition at all. You should always ask your doctor for professional medical advice!

However, the stomach virus treatment is based on time, patience and discipline! These would means that symptoms you experience will reduce by time itself, if you have patience and discipline, especially with nutrition and body rest!

Since symptoms of stomach virus are terrible and very painful, and at the same time very exhausting, it is very hard to stick with to the above guidelines, but it is the only way to reduce symptoms and fully recover form stomach virus!

Stomach virus will take days of your life, but if you don't treat it well, it can take more than several weeks, and even in some cases whole life. What you want is to get healthy in the shortest possible period of time, and you must take some steps to help your stomach with this fight.

Since the worst period of illness is its beginning, you'll need to get your self on watery diet for first several days, until the symptoms slowly reduce. You must avoid any kind of hard food, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, coffee, sweets, and so on. Actually the list of foods and drinks that may be consumed, is far less than the one with what you should not consume! So let's now see what you can consume and is recommended.

The following list is a list of foods that have a beneficial effect on your body, while suffering symptoms of stomach virus: chamomile and mint tea, apple juice, lemon, salt, soups, rice water, yogurt, ginger, bananas, dry blueberry, toasts and crackers. All these foods not only have a beneficial effect on your sick body, but also contain specific minerals, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, which can help in alleviating and reducing symptoms.

Mint and chamomile tea can help relax your body and muscles. Applesauce can help with reducing diarrhea. Lemon is full of Vitamin C which is needed to strongest the immune system. Salt is mineral which can help with reducing episodes of diarrhea, but vomiting too. Rice water will help with reducing the diarrhea. Yogurt is rich with good bacteria and will regulate you gastrointestinal flora and fauna. Ginger is full of vitamins and will reduce all symptoms. Bananas, toasts and crackers will also help with diarrhea by reducing it...

It is very important to understand that during stomach virus treatment you can not have regular meals, especially not with hard food. You need to take small bytes and sips of everything you have on your menu. First few days are critical, and you must go on watery diet! When you get better slowly add some lite foods on your menu. When you fully recover from symptoms you should not get back to regular meals right away, you should continue with lite foods for several more days. Some weight loss is guaranteed, but this can be good. 

On the and, because of diarrhea and vomiting are vacate your bodily fluids, you must take care not to dehydrate, since this can take your illness on the next level, where stomach virus treatment can require hospitalization as an option! 

This post is dedicated to causes of stomach flu, but since the causes are considered to be illnesses for themselves, this post will be quite short and only introduce you with types of causes.

Viral stomach flu or also know as stomach virus is for sure the most frequent trigger of stomach flu. More than 30% of stomach flu comes from viral infection. There are many potentially dangerous viruses and the most known are norovirus and rotavirus. Soon after them comes adenoviru, astroviruss and sapovirus. Each of them needs to be explained, so I'll take some time to write separate posts about them in future. Viruses are a bit faster than other causes, because of that period incubation is from 1 to 3 days. If you suffer from stomach virus, diarrhea, vomiting and headache are sure symptoms you'll experience during your sickness. Rest a lot, take some fluids, not to much, do not eat solid food and you should recover in several days.
Bacterial stomach flu is caused by bacteria. The most known bacteria that can cause this illness are salmonella, shigella, listeria, aeromonas, bacillus, plesiomonas, staphylococcus, vibrio and yersinia. The period of incubation for bacteria depend which bacteria is infected you and can take from 2 to 5 days before symptoms occur  The symptoms are almost the same like with viral infection, just you'll may have them more frequent. It's the same treatment, rest a lot, some fluids intake, no food for first several days, avoiding coffee and alcohol, and cigarettes.

Parasitical stomach flu caused by parasites which leave in foods and water, where they multiply easy. The most known are entamoeba, giardia and cryptosporidium. Spreading is going very easy, water on public places such are pools can easily get contaminated. The symptoms are same just like with viral and bacterial infection, with one difference about period of incubation, which can take up to 2 weeks before symptoms apply.

Tip: watch out not to dehydrate while you have stomach flu, if you think you are, sick for medical help!