I have already mentioned several times that stomach flu can't be prevented with vaccine, nor treated and healed with medicines. However, there are some medicines that can be used to reduce symptoms of stomach flu

Important information is that this kind of medicines are built to reduce the symptoms, and not to heal from them, also like every other medicines, those medicines should not be used without prescription of your doctor, since the possibility of experiencing side effects. 

My attitude is that everyone should try to avoid usage of medicines, and turn with natural relief. However if illness is severe, consultation with doctor is a must, together with collecting the information about potential side effects.

As I already said, there are medicines which are good with reducing the symptoms of stomach flu. Those medicines are built to deal with those kind of symptoms without a matter of their cause, nor type of illness. Some of them that should be prescribed by doctor are: Metoclopramide and Prochlorperazine.


Metoclopramide is highly effective in reducing nausea and vomiting. Important to understand and I would like to highlight it, is that Metoclopramide is not a cure, it is a medicine which only purpose is to reduce nausea and vomiting, together with heartburn. In general, it is used to reduce these symptoms caused by other medicines, such are usage of anti cancer medicines, after surgery or during any other illness. Metoclopramide helps with emptying stomach, and this way reduce symptoms. It can be used for some other purposes if prescribed by your doctor.

Your doctor is the only person who can prescribe you this medicine, because of its side effects. A person who is about to take this medicine, needs to go through a conversation with doctor about security procedures before prescribing it. This procedure includes providing a doctor information if any other medicine is currently using, any supplements or vitamins,  about allergy on particular ingredients that Metoclopramide is built from and some other important information. 

Metoclopramide side effects can happen to everyone, but people with chronic diseases are more exposed to get it. Metoclopramide side effects can be minor like sleeping disorders, headache, dizziness and tiredness; but they can also be severe like worsening of diarrhea, anxiety, hallucinations and others. In every case, if you are experiencing any kind of side effect, you must immediate visit your doctor!

Prochlorperazine - Compazine

Prochlorperazine is also built to reduce severe nausea and vomiting as a symptoms of any illness, and not just stomach flu. This medicine is centered to influence directly on part of the brain in charge for vomiting, and this way it reduce it. Prochlorperazine belong to the group of Compazine medications and it can be taken oral, rectal, intravenous and intramuscular. 

Just like the previous medicine, Compazine also can have side effects and because of that should be only used if prescribed by doctor. Before prescribing it, your doctor should collect information about your health condition and if you are able to use this medicine in treating the symptoms of stomach flu. During this conversation some important thing should be mentioned in order to prevent side effects: what are you already using to treat symptoms, if you are using supplements, vitamins or some other preparations.

Side effects of Compazine can be severe or minor in both cases you should talk or visit your doctor as soon as possible. In case of minor side effects person who are using Compazine usually experience dizziness, anxiety or confusion, while in cases of severe convulsion, tremors, high fever, chest pain and muscle pain...

During usage of any medicine and not just Comapzine or Metoclopramide, you must pay attention on every changes that happen to you, whether they are physical or psychological! If you discover that you have any side effect, immediate contact your doctor and sick for addvice!

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