I thought to write some notes about things which are in charge for getting infected. Since I survived The Day, just like everyone else, I'll survive this stomach flu as well. I was wondering how was it on parties that night and thought that it was probably like in the New Year Eve, where everyone are kissing each other, so I realized how many viruses has been shared, and how many people got stomach flu after it. No thanks for me, I am not interested in kissing parties any more, I have my toilet parties, that's enough for me.

So what are the potentially dangerous situations for getting stomach flu? 
There are many and believe me, I did some investigation and came to conclusion that we are not safe at all. Potentially dangerous situations of catching the infection are so many that I thought about our survival as a kind, how easy actually it is to erase us from the surface. However, I'll point some things for you to pay more attention on them.

Number one situation is primarily connected to your relationship with your self. If you neglect the fact that your personal hygiene should be maintained every time you interact with outside world, and forget to wash your hands before every meal, you are not risking to get stomach flu, than you are risking to visit the God in any time manner :) No seriously, washing hands is very important, since viruses and bacteria can be easily handover from infected to health person by simple shaking hands, believe it or not. Not to mention how many viruses and bacteria you are actually touching just by rummage through your pockets, wallet... Kissing with "suspicious" people should be avoided if possible, don't left emotions bring bring this misery upon you :) Sharing food, utensils is dangerous like hell too!

By giving you these simple facts, my intention is not to frighten you, I am just in need to introduce you with dangerous situations. 

Tip: Ginger is very good in reducing the symptoms of stomach flu! Try to find some more information on how it can help and come back to share your thoughts in my next post.

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